Senior Actuary: Johan Human - B.Bus.Sci FIA FASSA

Johan has been specialising as a Consulting Actuary in the healthcare environment since 1996 when he was asked to create an actuarial function at D&E Health Benefits, a subsidiary of the Norwich Group. He was employed as part of the team that successfully launched a major medical insurance product in South Africa. He has since been a critical member of the healthcare team at Jacques Malan Consultants and Actuaries, Simeka Consultants and Actuaries, and ARCH Actuarial Consulting. His successes at these companies culminated in his role as a strategic member of the Prognosys team.Johan’s actuarial consulting activities relate mainly to assisting clients formulate and execute viable business strategies in the highly regulated private healthcare financing environment. His clients over the years have included insurers, medical schemes and managed care organisations.

Email | jhuman@prognosys.co.za
Managing Director: Dr Andrew Good - MBChB, MBA
Andrew is one of South Africa’s leading managed care experts. He has overseen the delivery of managed care to some of South Africa’s largest and best-known restricted schemes. Andrew’s clinical background, analytical ability, industry insight and practical approach are invaluable in optimising healthcare strategy. Andrew has implemented and managed a broad spectrum of managed care programmes, including Disease Risk Management and HIV programmes for an array of different clients. Andrew firmly believes that the abundance of clinical data, improved technology and system connectivity will radically change the way clinical risk is managed and member health improved. This will result in the managed care landscape changing considerably over the next few years.
Email | agood@prognosys.co.za